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Kayak Tours

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We offer 3 hour kayaking tours from Smuggler’s Villa Resort on Orcas Island. Surrounded by private property on land, the park is only accessible by kayak, canoe, or row boat. Once at the park we take a brief break on the beach to enjoy a nature walk and beautiful views of Mt. Baker and the surrounding islands before we head back to Smugglers.

These kayak tours explore the best wildlife area Orcas Island has to offer. It is home to many harbor seals, eagles and shore birds. 

Point Doughty FAQ:

Adults $79
Kids $45 (ages 8 and up)

Trips depart at:

10:00 AM, 9:30 Check In

2:00 PM, 1:30 Check In

3 Hour Paddle

Suitable for ages 8 + 

Appropriate for Beginner to Advanced Kayakers 

Meet at 120 Sucia Drive Kiosk to check in

Sucia Island Kayak Tour FAQ:

Adults $159
Kids $99 (ages 13 and up)

Trip departs at 9:00AM, check in at 9:00AM

Guests bring their own picnic lunch as well as water bottles. 

5 Hour Paddle

Suitable for ages 13 + 

Moderate to Advanced Skills 


Meet at the 120 Sucia Drive, Orcas Island

Sucia Island KAYAK TOUR

We shuttle kayakers to Sucia Island via power boat after checking in at 9:00 AM. After a brief kayaking safety orientation, you and your guide will hop in your kayaks for a 4 to 5 hour paddle which includes a lunch stop (lunch is not provided) and short hike at a remote beach. As we paddle around the island, we stop by prime wildlife viewing locations and explore some of Sucia’s natural history. You will then be shuttled back to Orcas by power boat. 

One can encounter bald eagles, osprey, harlequin ducks, river otters, harbor seals, sea lions, porpoise and even the occasional orca whale!

West Beach Sunset KAYAK TOUR

We offer 2 hour kayaking tours from West Beach Resort on Orcas Island. We paddle out into the sunset along the shore of Orcas Island.  With Waldron Island in the background 

These kayak tours explore the best wildlife area Orcas Island has to offer. It is home to many harbor seals, eagles and shore birds. We often spot harbor porpoises feeding in the currents around the point, and even the occasional orca!

Sunset Tour FAQ:

Adults $79
Kids $45 (ages 8 and up)

Trip departs at 6:30PM

Check in at 6:00PM

2 Hour Paddle

Suitable for ages 8 + 

Beginner to Advanced Skills 


Meet at the dock kiosk at West Beach Resort

190 Waterfront Way Orcas Island

Kayak Rentals



 Orcas Island, Sucia Island and Doe Bay

$40 for 4 hours

$50 per day

$125 three days

$250 per week



 Orcas Island, Sucia 

and Doe Bay

$65 for 4 hours

$75 per day

 $175 three days

$300 per week

Delivery Fees: $25 per kayak

 ($50 minimum fee)

Our rental boats are great for any aquatic terrain around Orcas Island or the protected bays of Sucia Island. The kayaks can be delivered to any site on Orcas Island or picked up from our office at 120 Sucia Drive. Our most popular 4 hour rental option gives you ample time to paddle down the North Shore of Orcas Island to Point Doughty State Park directly from our location.  We recommend all kayaks be rented prior to 3:00 PM.


For an intermediate level experience you can take our water taxi to Sucia Island and paddle unguided in Sucia’s large and well protected bays. Other popular kayaking locations on Orcas Island include Mountain Lake in Moran State Park, Eastsound, or Deer Harbor.


We will happily deliver kayaks to any location on Orcas.  Equipment pickups from Smuggler’s Resort on Orcas Island are free. A delivery charge will be added to all equipment deliveries on Orcas Island including Doe Bay.

Delivery Fees: $25 per kayak or  ($50 minimum fee)

 We will not rent a single kayak to an individual paddling alone.

** Advanced kayakers may rent kayaks in order to explore Orcas Island and some of the neighboring areas and islands.  Any kayaker who rents a kayak with the intention of executing a channel crossing, a multi-day trip, and/or any trip judged by our personnel to need additional documentation must submit a FLOAT PLAN.


Float plans must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of a reservation in order to give our tea time to review and respond.  The Outer Island team cannot give advice or suggest routes prior to receiving a completed float plan that demonstrates an understand of wind, weather, tide, and variable conditions.  

In order for your float plan to be approved, it is critical to know how to read the nautical charts and the tide current charts as well as have accurate and up to date weather reports. Tide rips and sudden gusty winds can come up quickly and surprise you, even in the short crossing between Orcas Island and Sucia Island. It is very important to know how to judge these conditions and be experienced and ready for an open water crossing. If you’re a less experienced kayaker, a better option is to bring the kayak with you on our water taxi and explore the more protected bays of Sucia once you arrive.

See what everyone thinks!

"Ari was an amazing guide, he was very knowledgeable and interesting . The tour was about 4 hours long set at a comfortable pace. Saw the wildlife and great landscape." - Christina
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